At Efolg Gloves, we have a variety of disposable latex gloves that differ in color, length, size, and weight. We can provide you with the right combination of gloves that you need at the best value for your money.

Latex gloves are commonly used in various industries such as healthcare, food service, automotive, and manufacturing as personal protective equipment. These gloves come in two varieties, powdered and powder-free, each having its pros and cons.

Powdered latex gloves are coated with a fine powder, usually cornstarch, to make them easier to wear and remove. The powder also absorbs sweat and reduces the risk of skin irritation. However, these gloves have been linked to respiratory issues and skin allergies.

Powder-free latex gloves, on the other hand, don’t have the powder coating and hence are less likely to cause skin irritation or respiratory problems. These gloves are a popular choice for individuals with latex allergies or sensitive skin. They are also preferred in industries where workers handle sensitive materials or perform tasks that require high precision.

Latex gloves, whether powdered or powder-free, offer a high level of sensitivity and dexterity. These gloves provide a snug fit, allowing for a high degree of tactile feedback, making them ideal for tasks that require a high level of precision and dexterity.

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